Instruction Gibraltar – Nordkapp 72

The Mission

Ride from Gibraltar to Nordkapp (or wise versa) in 72 hours.


Before you can apply for GN72, you must have at least completed one of the following; a SS2000, SS2000F or BB3000Gold (at least 3218km/2000miles in 48 hours),

The route

The idea is to ride through Europe from South to North (or from North to South) in 72 hours. You can choose the route and the direction as you like. You can use ferries only between Sweden – Denmark and Denmark – Germany. The time is running during the ferry trips.


The stins

You can ride as you like. The 24 hours rule is not valid with this ride. If you interrupt your ride for some reason, maximum you can get one of those 36h rides (BB1500 or BB2500K).


How it has been done

Rides has been done by one or two stops. You must plan and design what is suitable for You.

Riders has done succesful rides both from north to south and south to north.


In Nordkapp there is no gas station nor is accommodation available near by, there only small restaurant/shop. You need three documents:

  • Receipt of fuelling your bike before Nordkapp
    • Nearest station is in Honningsvåg, 31 km before Nordkapp
  • Receipt of purchasing something on Nordkapp hall
  • Witness form filled and signed in Nordkapp hall

If you start from Nordkapp and stay your last night between Honningsvåg and Nordkapp, you can fuel your bike already in last evening. The official time and distance starts from Nordkapp of course.

If you end to Nordkapp, your last fuel receipt must be from Honningsvåg and the last receipt from Nordkapp hall. The official finish time is receipt time in Nordkapp hall.

Please remember to check the opening hours of Nordkapp from

In Gibraltar there are gas stations and also customs office available. You need two documents

  • Receipt of the fuelling the bike
  • Witness form filled and signed


Route plan

  • Made a accurate pre-plan where to get witness and where to made start and finish fuelling.
  • The best time is ride during the weekend. During the weekend truck traffic is minimum in Central European.
  • Check the Nordkapp shop open hours. You cannot start without their receipt.



An example from North to South.

  • Begining: Heading south from Nordkapp to Alta, Enontekiö, Muonio, Kolari, Pajala,Töre and via E4 to Stockholm.
  • No point to go around Stockholm just straight through via E4.
  • From Sweden to Denmark even by bridge from Malmo to Copenhagen or by ferry from Rödby. On the ferry you can rest and it is 50km shorter but you should know the timetables and how to find harbor.
  • Nearby Götting is good to have break.
  • From Strasbourg to Lyon, Marseilles and by Spain cost to Gibraltar.
  • The shorter route goes via Paris, Bordeaux, Madrid but it is much slower.
  • if you are ending ride in Gibraltar in peak time and you don't have much time, it's acceptable to have ending receipt from La Linea. In receipt must be visible time and place and you got to have normal witness form.

Special rides of IBA Finland

SS2000 Finland (=SS2000F)

The purpose of this ride is to visit specially defined geographical turning points in Finland (the most extreme points in South, East, North and West). You can decide your route yourself, but you have to visit in these places:
- Hanko / South
- Ilomantsi, Mohko / East
- Nuorgam / North
- Raippaluoto, Klobbskat / West

This ride includes 2 x SS1000 rides, so you have to take care of following the basic rules of SS1000.

Maybe you can't get the receipt from those points if you aren't careful with timing. It is acceptable to replace the receipt with witnesses. But to be on the safe side make a good plan and take into account that it's not even possible to get gasoline for example in Nuorgam at night time.

Please follow this link to Finnish page where you can find the extra information.


BB1500 Finland (=BB1500F)

The purpose of this ride is to ride through all the 19 province capital cities of Finland following the basic rules of BB1500.

You can pick your route as long as it is more than 1500 miles. ( and it is, however you try ) You can also decide your starting and finishing cities yourself.

Maybe you can't get the receipt from those points if you don't be careful with timing. It is acceptable to replace the receipt with witnesses.

Please check the list of the cities from the Finnish page.


SS3000 Baltic (=SS3000B)

The purpose of this ride is to ride around the Baltic Sea between Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia following the basic rules of SS3000.

You can use the Ferries / Catamarans to travel over the sea from Finland to Estonia, but nowhere else. The time spent on the ferry is not included into your travel time. To prove that, you have to get a gasoline receipt both in Helsinki and Tallin harbours and also you have to include your ferry-ticket into your ride documentation.

Please follow this link to Finnish page where you can find the extra information.


Gibraltar - Nordkapp (=G-N 72 )

This is the European "coast to coast"-ride. The purpose is to ride through Europe from South to North (or from North to South) in 72 hours. The mileage will be more than 5300 km (more than about 3300 miles).

Gibraltar peninsula (The Rock) on Mediterranean sea belongs to Great Britain, but you have to ride through Spain to get there.

Nordkapp is the northernmost point of continental Europe, in Norway where the main road ends to Arctic Ocean.

You can choose your route, but it is not acceptable to use ferries, except between Sweden and Denmark or Denmark and Germany. In this ride the time spent on the ferries is included in your total time.

Please follow this link to English page where you can find the extra information.

Club activities & Rider statics

We have quite a short riding season here in Finland because of the weather conditions. However the summertime is few months longer in southern parts of Finland than in the north. That gives a big benefit for the riders living in southern Finland.

Once a month (from May to October) we have a meeting for all IBAF members somewhere in Finland. We switch meeting places and try to find such where we can enjoy the beautiful landscape of our country and also ride some nice curvy roads. They say Finland is "the land of thousand lakes" and that's why many of our meeting places are on a lakeshore. These are short "evening coffee" happenings, the object is to enjoy riding and meet other riders in a attractive place.

In the autumn we usually arrange a IBAF-meeting of one weekend. We used to have the meeting many times in Jamsankoski, in central Finland. There is one old and empty school building where we had accommodation and sauna, of course. It was a really suitable place for this kind of gatherings and we've spent many unforgetable moments there.
Several years we have had our annual IBAF-meetings in Vehmaa, in southwestern Finland. A bit other kind of place, old school as well but on seashore. Many unforgetable moments there as well. The lates resort for IBAF-meeting is in Hattula southern Finland. The Petäys resort hotel provides an excellent condition for event.

Every summer IBAF arranges many one day rides for the members. One is a ride around lake Saimaa, the biggest lake in Finland. Good company and hundreds of kilometers of very nice little country roads. Another ride is the Ox Road of Hame going from Turku to Hameenlinna. That road was the most significant road in early Finnish history. For year we have started our driving season by the Gold-rush run. Starting from Stocholm, Sweden heading to Germany and back going for Gold rides.

One very important activity is the verification of ironbutt-rides of finnish riders. Our verification team of +20 persons works hard to verificate more than 700 rides every year, within season of couple months.

The rider statics can be found from the report page.


In 1997 Mikko Sani, a Finnish rider, happened to found the web-pages of Iron Butt Association. He got in touch with the President Michael Kneebone to ask if he could do an IBA-ride in Finland. When he heard that it is possible to do these rides all over the world, he decided to try his first SS1000, which went smoothly.

After that it took a few years to get the idea of documented long distance rides well-known in Finland. But when the idea got thru Finns went for rides in great numbers. Iron Butt Association of Finland (IBAF) was founded in 2000 by five experienced riders, Mikko Sani, Paavo Makinen, Pepe Rantanen, Lauri Lansikallio and Torsti Salonen.

IBA Finland is authorized to verify IBA-rides and so far (Feb '11) we have certified a total of 4448 rides and we have about 1200 premium memembers.

Official forms

It is recommended to use only the Finnish forms for these rides or any other Ironbutt-rides you are going to ride in Finland.

For inspection of rides please use only Finnish formulas below. Before ride you need two wittness for ride. After ride you need again two wittness. After all copy your gasreceipts, use original formulas below and send everything to Finland. Our address is:

IBA Finland ry

PL 73

32201 Loimaa


We need also receipt of payment with other papers, before inspection goes further. Our bankacccount is named Iron butt association Finland ry. Account number is  FI31 4006 1020 1161 86 and because you pay outside of Finland please add BIC ITELFIHH

Because of quite complicated spelling of the names of towns and villages in Finland it is easier for finns to understand your route & documents.

You can pre-fill most of the forms before printing. The forms below are PDF-type files. You may have to download a free Adobe Acrobat Reader from

Witness form (start and end)
Registering form (Rider)
Registering form (Passenger)
Ride logbook

The last form update was done on March 2013, do not use older forms!