Instruction Gibraltar – Nordkapp 72

The Mission

Ride from Gibraltar to Nordkapp (or wise versa) in 72 hours.


Before you can apply for GN72, you must have at least completed one of the following; a SS2000, SS2000F or BB3000Gold (at least 3218km/2000miles in 48 hours),

The route

The idea is to ride through Europe from South to North (or from North to South) in 72 hours. You can choose the route and the direction as you like. You can use ferries only between Sweden – Denmark and Denmark – Germany. The time is running during the ferry trips.


The stins

You can ride as you like. The 24 hours rule is not valid with this ride. If you interrupt your ride for some reason, maximum you can get one of those 36h rides (BB1500 or BB2500K).


How it has been done

Rides has been done by one or two stops. You must plan and design what is suitable for You.

Riders has done succesful rides both from north to south and south to north.


In Nordkapp there is no gas station nor is accommodation available near by, there only small restaurant/shop. You need three documents:

  • Receipt of fuelling your bike before Nordkapp
    • Nearest station is in Honningsvåg, 31 km before Nordkapp
  • Receipt of purchasing something on Nordkapp hall
  • Witness form filled and signed in Nordkapp hall

If you start from Nordkapp and stay your last night between Honningsvåg and Nordkapp, you can fuel your bike already in last evening. The official time and distance starts from Nordkapp of course.

If you end to Nordkapp, your last fuel receipt must be from Honningsvåg and the last receipt from Nordkapp hall. The official finish time is receipt time in Nordkapp hall.

Please remember to check the opening hours of Nordkapp from

In Gibraltar there are gas stations and also customs office available. You need two documents

  • Receipt of the fuelling the bike
  • Witness form filled and signed


Route plan

  • Made a accurate pre-plan where to get witness and where to made start and finish fuelling.
  • The best time is ride during the weekend. During the weekend truck traffic is minimum in Central European.
  • Check the Nordkapp shop open hours. You cannot start without their receipt.



An example from North to South.

  • Begining: Heading south from Nordkapp to Alta, Enontekiö, Muonio, Kolari, Pajala,Töre and via E4 to Stockholm.
  • No point to go around Stockholm just straight through via E4.
  • From Sweden to Denmark even by bridge from Malmo to Copenhagen or by ferry from Rödby. On the ferry you can rest and it is 50km shorter but you should know the timetables and how to find harbor.
  • Nearby Götting is good to have break.
  • From Strasbourg to Lyon, Marseilles and by Spain cost to Gibraltar.
  • The shorter route goes via Paris, Bordeaux, Madrid but it is much slower.
  • if you are ending ride in Gibraltar in peak time and you don't have much time, it's acceptable to have ending receipt from La Linea. In receipt must be visible time and place and you got to have normal witness form.