The Gold Rush Ride 2022

The Gold Rush Ride 2022 will take place this year from May 13 to May 15, 2022

The BB 1500 G and BB 2500K Gold groups will leave from Turku on the Silja Line evening ship on
Friday 13 May 2022 and the ride starts from Stockholm on the morning of 14.5.2022

BB 3000 G groups will leave from Turku on Silja Line’s evening ship on 12 May 2022 and start the
ride from Stockholm on 13 May 2022
The return date is the same for all Gold Rush groups, ie on Viking Line’s morning ship from
Stockholm to Turku on May 15, 2022

At a later stage, participants will be given corner points so that route planning can begin once the
grouping has taken place. This grouping will take place at the end of the registration period.

Pre-registration by e-mail to juha.ohtonen(at)

Pre-registration by March 13, 2022.

Based on the pre-registrations, IBA Finland will make the reservations for the boat trips.
The outward voyages are made on Silja Line vessels and the return voyage on a Viking Line vessel to
maximize the time for riding.

Participation confirmations will be made when the costs are clear, and it is binding.
When you submit your pre-registration by e-mail, check that the message contains all the needed
Data is needed for shipping companies and refueling intervals to form groups.

• Name:
• Street address:
• ZIP code:
• Town:
• Date of birth: (no remainder)
• Registration number of the MC:
• Telephone number:
• Email address:
• Brand and model of MC:
• Refueling interval at Central European speeds:
• Riding performance in which, you will participate:

Please copy and complete the following items before submitting your registration email. We will
need to return emails that do not have the following items to complete.

This is not a trip by any or any responsible tour operator or a package tour.

IBA FINLAND is not an official tour operator but assists its members in the practical arrangements
of the trip.


The planning meeting will take place later and must be attended by anyone attending for the first