Mile Eater

  • The Iron Butt Association Mile Eater program is intended for members of IBA Finland who have completed several certified rides and want to document their entire IBA career.
  • There are several levels in the program and the next one is always much more demanding than the previous one.
  • The levels are internationally comparable, which means that the ability and skills of Finnish riders can be compared to their counterparts around the world. Our own top levels (platinum – titanium – diamond) have also been created for top experts.



Master of the rides

  • The purpose of the program is to motivate IBA Finland members to ride at least one ironbutt ride a year. In addition, the purpose is to motivate the members to lead group rides and IBA Finland events (eg Kultaryntäys= Gold rush) and to participate in joint events (eg monthly coffees). The scoring period ends each year on the Sunday preceding the IBA meeting and the new period begins on the Monday of the week preceding the IBA meeting (i.e., the day after the end of the previous period). In the program you are able to earn points for different performances as follows:
    • Leading an IBA riding event or a regional ride :20 points + 2 points for each riding performance
      passed, including the rider’s own
    • passenger 10 points for riding performance
    • driver 10 points for driving performance
    • monthly coffees 10 points
    • IBA meeting 10 points
    • Spring meeting 10 points
    • Autumn meeting 10 points
    • participation in an IBA event, eg Super Weekend, Åland Tour, etc. 10 points (even if there is no
      ironbutt ride or the ride does not go through)
  • The levels are as follows:
    • green 20 points
    • yellow 50 points
    • red 80 points
    • There are two sets: men and women
  • You can now also report your rider’s scores using the electronic form.