Electronic inspection for the ride

Electronic inspection of the ride allows documents to be stored directly in the ride control system. This is an alternative to traditional postage of the documents. Also they can be sent by post.

Registration in the electronic ride control system

  • Send an ID request (from your own e-mail) to ajotarkastus@ibafinland.fi
  • The content of the message may even be “I want electronic IDs. Regards Ian Ironbutt (membership number)”
  • In the return mail, you will receive a link through which you create IDs for IBA Finland’s ride control system in Ahteri.
  • In the link you will find your membership number, which serves as a username for Ahteri.
  • Fill in all the fields on the form, create a password for yourself and save your profile. In the future, you can update your personal information by logging in with your membership number and creating a password.

Use of the electronic ride control system

  • Log in and press under Register Ride.
  • Fill in all the required information and attach the documents from the attach file section at the bottom of the page.
  • NOTE! Name the documents descriptively.

E.g., Logbook.xls, Payment receipt.pdf, Picture1-6.jpg

  • Documents to be attached:
    • Logbook
    • Witness form or start and end photos (Note: Photos less than 1 MB)
    • Payment receipt
    • Receipts numbered chronologically, copied / scanned / photographed. Image quality should be checked before sending. Don’t post pictures that you can’t figure out for yourself!
    • For group rides, include the names of the participants
    • If you want to inform any additional information about the ride, write it in the info section
    • The registration form does NOT need to be sent
  • Save the form and the system will send you an acknowledgment of successful registration in your email.

It is a good idea to save the address of Ahteri as a browser favorite so that it is easier to use in the future.

Ride inspection process


  • fill in the necessary forms carefully, scan the receipts and otherwise carefully document the ride according to the instructions on the IBA Finland website
  • save documents directly to the ride control system

Ride Coordinator

  • The ride coordinator leads the ride inspection activities
  • he takes into account of the load situation of ride inspections, holidays, etc.
  • group ride will not be inspected until everyone’s ride has registrated
  • registers the departure of the ride to the inspector
  • checks that everything is OK, if he detects any deficiencies, he contacts the rider

Ride inspector

  • inspects the ride, target time less than 4 weeks
  • if any additional information is needed, he will contact the rider
  • registers the ride as checked and completes the ride data in Ahteri

Ride Coordinator

  • views the result of the check and registers the result in Ahteri
  • Ahteri sends the rider an email about the approved ride
  • In the case of a rejection, always calls the rider
  • ride information is updated from Ahteri to the IBAF website


  • Based on Ahteri’s information, writes, and sends a certificate of honor
  • sends the pin + other material

Handling of a rejected ride

  • The ride inspector determines the suitability of the ride based on the submitted documents, therefore clear and compliant documentation is important for the approval of the ride. If there are any ambiguities in the performance or documentation of the ride being inspected, the ride inspector may request additional information from the rider to enable the ride to be approved. If the ride or its documentation does not comply with the riding rules, the ride inspector will reject the performance.
  • The ride coordinator re-checks all rides that have been rejected. The ride coordinator can ask for further information about the rider. The ride coordinator decides whether to accept or reject the ride. The ride coordinator will contact the rider and explain the reasons for the rejection.
  • If the rider considers that the ride has not been checked in accordance with the rules, the rider may contact the president of the association and request a new inspection of the ride. The president of the association will deal with the request in the way he deems best, for example, to re-check the ride or decide on ambiguous interpretations of the rules. The president of the association shall take a final decision and inform the rider.
  • Documents and riders’ information for an rejected ride are retained in the same way as for an approved ride, but the ride data is not published.

Data transfer to the Iron Butt Association USA

  • Rider’s data is transferred annually to the IBA USA
  • For IBA eStore IDs, contact the puheenjohtaja@ibafinland.fi

Ride inspection fees

  • members who paid the membership fee (€ 20) for the current year:
    • driver € 40
    • back seat € 20
  • completed their first ride:
    • driver € 40 (incl. Annual membership fee)
    • back seat € 20 (incl. Membership fee for the year of performance)
  • IBA Finland account number FI31 4006 1020 1161 86
    • Beneficiary: IBA Finland
    • in the message field: name of the rider, Member number, the type of the ride and date of execution
    • when paying from abroad BIC ITELFIHH
  • with MobilePay 31231
    • in the message field: name of the rider, Member number, the type of the ride and date of execution